Annual Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Luncheon

Since 1977, Black Agency Executives organizes an annual luncheon in January that honors the life and achievements of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and pays tribute to individuals and organizations with an outstanding track record for serving the Black community. The MLK Luncheon is BAE’s signature event. It is a great networking opportunity attracting several hundred  guests and investors each year.

Emerging Leaders Conference

The Emerging Leaders Conference is aimed at nurturing the personal and professional development of emerging leaders of African descent who are new to executive leadership or who have been identified as having the ability and interest to step into an executive leadership position within their organizations. BAE plans a one-day conference that focuses on exchanging of information and experiences with those in current leadership positions, providing opportunities for mentorship, and offering participants new perspectives on major issues affecting our sector. Nearly 230 people have participated in the Emerging Leaders Conference since its inception.

Annual Retreat

Black Agency Executives organizes annual BAE Retreats. Retreats have typically had a twofold purpose: learning from practitioners, university and government staff about human service practices as a way of informing our own executives about the history and culture of customers coming to our agency doors for service. The second aspect related to bonding, networking and R&R amongst the members and guests. Past retreat destinations include South Africa, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Ghana, Costa Rica, Mexico, Jamaica, US Virgin Islands, Antigua, Cuba and Panama. Also, domestic retreats have been held around New York State as well as New Orleans. Each year, at each retreat, BAE has made cash donations to some non-governmental entity: foster care, seniors, education, youth programs, housing, libraries, economic development, etc.

Power Breakfast Series

The Power Breakfast series has been reprised as an intimate conversation with those leaders whose work impacts that of our members and allies.  Co-hosted with Black Equity Alliance, the audience has expanded to include business, corporate, philanthropic, faith based, government and civil society leaders.

Leadership Learning Series

The Leadership Learning Series are three learning events designed to build the professional capacity of Black Executives, Board Members and Mid-Level Managers who lead or work for human service agencies in New York. The series brings together leaders at all levels of management with the best thinkers in the industry to address salient questions and challenges. Since its launch, over 630 participants representing 290 organizations have benefited from this program.

Advocacy Program

Black Agency Executives has taken a new importance with respect to policy changes involving welfare reform and devolution of government responsibility. BAE monitors the impact of legislative and regulatory changes on BAE members, their organizations, and program constituents.

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