Black Agency Executives today stands upon the shoulders of the men and women who are our Founding Members. They were some of the first ever Black executives of major human services organizations in NYC. Their goals were straight forward - support one another, add a Black voice to the policy issues impacting their organizations and achieve together, what none of them could achieve alone.

They initiated the MLK luncheon as a means to network and introduce Black Executives and Board members. The first luncheons were held at Ashford and Simpson's first NYC restaurant '20/20' (20 West 20th Street) and was attended by less than 50 persons. Today, the MLK Luncheon attracts more than 500 people and our member agencies continue to impact over 205,000 New York City residents each year. While their goals were simple, their impact has been enormous. In fulfilling the mission of BAE, they leave a legacy for the generations of leader to come.


BAE History Timeline


1973    BAE Founded 

1976    First Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Luncheon Event with 50 attendees

1976    First of Many BAE International Retreats

1989    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Luncheon Event expands to 500 attendees

1989    First Annual Founders' Day Awards

1993    Power Breakfast Series Launched

1998    BAE Summer Networking Retreat Launched

2003    Leadership Learning Series Launched

2008    BAE Donates $10,000 to the New Orleans Relief Effort

2008    Emerging Leaders Conference Launched attracting 200 attendees

2009    BAE 20th Annual Founders' Day Award

2016     40th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Luncheon